About us

Media International Services “MIS” is one of the most established Media sales specialist in the Middle East.

Our story

Founded in 1982, MIS’s mission remains to consistently cater to our Media partners with the highest level of dedication, while growing the business through creative sales Strategies. Our portfolio consists of  Digital, TV,  Print and Cinema platforms that provide our clients & media partners with a diversified media mix to ensure they target the right audience across various industries. MIS portfolio has evolved in line with the changes that have occurred in the media industry over the years, shifting its focus from “traditional” media to a “digital age” driven by data.

Meet The Team

Marwan Kai CEO

Hussien Moghrabi Regional Director

Chadi Khoury Digital Director

Layal Saffiedeen Group Head

Sunil Nambiar Group Head

Rami Talih Digital Manager

Anand Iyer Head of Integrated Advertising

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